Things in a Man's Apartment That Will Scare Geena Away

We found a list of the "15 things in a Man's Apartment That Will Scare Women Away" and I wanted to see which ones would freak out about.

See the full list here!

The highlighted ones are the ones Geena wouldn't be able to handle

  • A neon beer sign.
  • A closet full of women's clothing.
  • Unframed posters tacked to the walls, à la freshman year circa 1997.
  • A framed photo of his ex.
  • Dried toothpaste chunks in the sink.
  • A Zorro mask on the nightstand.
  • A stack of self-help books by his bed..
  • A Justin Bieber calendar.
  • Adult diapers.
  • And the rest of the list here...

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