Meet Ron Burgundy TODAY!

“Glam Up the Midterms” first event will be “Vote Classy, San Diego: A Conversation with Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and Billy Eichner!

  • Today Billy and Ron will be in Oceanside, CA for a live once-in-a-lifetime conversation about the upcoming primary in CA-49.
  • Glam Up the Midterms is a non-partisan campaign to encourage and energize young people to vote during the November 2018 midterm elections.
    • The night will be about enlightening attendees about all things “midterms” with an emphasis on local leaders, issues, and the upcoming congressional primary on June 5th.
    • California has a top-2 primary, meaning the top 2 vote-getters regardless of party affiliation will advance to the November general election


  • Midterm elections is November 6th
  • According to an NBC news poll only 12% of millenials voted in the last midterm election
  • Glam up the Midterms mission is to save democracy one vote at a time and to do the unthinkable – that is to leave Hollywood – and focus on America’s most competitive congressional districts, engaging youth participation through online video, social media activations, and localized live comedy events

Fun Facts:

  • “I had a dream last night that several small town Americans called me and were begging me to have more TV and film personalities lecture them about politics. I have certainly skipped more midterm elections in my day – and now I deeply regret it”

How to Attend:

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