Lea Michele Responds To The Conspiracy Theory That She Is Illiterate

For the record, Lea Michele is absolutely not illiterate, contrary to the Internet conspiracy that took the blogosphere by storm earlier this week.

About eight months ago, a few fans filmed a Facebook Live video of their theory that the former Glee actress couldn't read or write. It recently prompted a wave of comments on the social media realm and a brand-new Internet rumor was born. Superfans Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman even went as far as suspecting that the star had "to learn, like, four words" for her role in the Broadway production of Ragtime. It also prompted the thought that maybe TV extraordinaire Ryan Murphy helped cover her tracks when she started acting on Glee. It was a wild ride, but some folks went with it.

Thankfully, the 31-year-old actress was quick to put the murmurs to rest when she hopped on Twitter on Friday (March 23) to silent all those speculators and toss a bit of humor into the mix as well. "Loved READING this tweet and wanted to WRITE you back," the star said in response to a fan who guessed that she was probably giggling about the whole controversy. "Literally laughing out loud at all this. Love you!!!"

Michele has been enjoying some fun in the sun in Hawaii with her inner circle, including mom Edith Sarfati, so we're going to guess that an Internet conspiracy theory is probably the last thing on her mind. Go ahead and enjoy the sun, Leah. The Internet will always have new rumors to churn out when you return to reality.

Photo: Getty Images

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