Kanye West Employee Severely Injured On Job When Machinery Falls On Him

An employee of Kanye West's was injured severely on the job after a large piece of equipment fell and landed on him, TMZ reports. 

The news outlet says that on Friday (March 23), this incident resulted in a limb injury so bad that the guy had to be quickly airlifted to the nearest hospital. "Sources at the Calabasas Tech Center -- where the rapper's office is located -- tell us ... the man was transporting a heavy piece of machinery Friday, possibly used for making Kanye's Yeezy shoes, when it fell over and landed on his foot," TMZ reads.

When this occurred, the employee let out a big scream and other workers quickly ran to him. He was under the machinery for several minutes. It took at least seven workers to eventually lift it off of him. 

TMZ continues: "Law enforcement sources tell us ... they responded to a call about the incident after 5 PM, and confirm people were able to lift the machine off the guy when they arrived, but his injury was so bad it required airlift transpo for emergency medical care."

Photo: Getty Images

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