Watch Blue Ivy Bid $19,000 On Art & JAY-Z Try To Grab Her Auction Fan

Blue Ivy enjoys the finer things in life... like art that costs more than some college students' yearly tuition

When you think about how the 6-year-old has been raised, this isn't a complete shock. The child's parents are Beyoncé and JAY-Z for crying out loud. Since her birth, Blue Ivy has only been surrounded by the best of the best. From food, homes, outfits, etc; the kid's life is, without a doubt, better than the lives of the majority of the people in the world. 

So, when Blue Ivy attended the Wearable Art Galain Los Angeles on Saturday (Mar. 17), she decided to shoot her shot at some expensive artwork. TV personality Star Jones was hosting an auction and when the bidding for a painting of famed Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier went up for grabs, Blue Ivy took matters into her own little hands and bid $17,000 on it. Then, when someone tried to outbid the toddler, she raised her hand again to bid $19,000.

Surprised by his daughter's bidding, JAY-Z began playfully grabbing the auction fan out of her hand, which made Bey and everyone else at the auction start laughing. Jones soon jumps in and encourages Blue Ivy to not be shy about placing bids. Take a look at the funny moment below!

After the fun moment, Tyler Perry actually beat Blue Ivy in the auction. But, she sure did put up a heck of a fight. 

Photo: Getty Images

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