Kathy Gets a Re-Do Marathon

It's another episode of "Make Happiness Happen" with Kramer and Geena. Today, they help Kathy get a chance to complete a "mini" marathon in front of her family.

Kathy recently participated in her first half marathon...but no one from her family was there to share the major milestone with her. Today, she gets to try again, but this time, in front of her family in the first ever Kramer and Geena .5K Marathon! 

Special thanks to our sponsors who helped to make everything possible

Pendry Hotel: Brunch at Pendry @pendrysandiego

Dr. D at Elite Health
Instagram : @elitehealthchiro
Facebook: @ElitehealthSD 

Gold Medallion: 1st place medal
Clairemont off convoy ct.

Speeding Crow: T-shirts 

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Making Happiness Happen for Trevor