San Diego Makes A Big Statement On National School Walkout Day

Today is the National School Walk Out for many schools around the country and many schools are taking time to bring attention to school safety here in San Diego. 

While every school is handling it a little differently, most students will leave the classroom at 10am, joined by some faculty, staff and administrators. Most will head to scheduled on-campus events like marches, rallies, speeches. 

Many of these are planned for 17 minutes, in honor of the 17 victims. While students can leave classes to attend on-campus events, they are not allowed to leave campus. Some events are explicitly political, calling for gun control measures. Others, though, make a general plea for school safety.

This morning, we talked to Summer, the student in charge of the walk out at Mira Mesa High School, spoke to us about their plan:

Our friends at The Speeding Crow Pressing Company made shirts for the walk out at Del Norte High School:

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