Did Beyonce Diss Tiffany Haddish On DJ Khaled's 'Top Off'? You Be The Judge

It's no secret that Beyoncé likes to curate her image to her interest, so it's not surprising that the pop titan may not have appreciated Tiffany Haddish's recent reveal that a woman tried to flirt with JAY-Z while the Girls Trip actress was partying with the hip-hop couple. 

On Friday (March 2), DJ Khaled dropped another colossal-sized collabo called "Top Off," which features Bey, JAY-Z, and Future, and the team-up hears some rather direct lyrics from the pop titan's third verse. "If they're tryna party with the queen/ They gon' have to sign a non-disclosure," she closes out her contribution to the track, leading the BeyHive to wonder if she's sniping Haddish for revealing more than necessary during a recent interview for TVOne's series, UNCENSORED. Some went as far as speculating they hear Bey call out Tiffany's name in background vocals at the end of the line. 

According to the on-the-rise comedian, the particular incident went down at an afterparty to the hip-hop titan's concert and she was a witness to it all. In between mingling with Jesse Collins and meeting Beyoncé for the first time, Haddish revealed the details to the awkward moment that unfolded between the power couple and an unidentified actress.

"I was talking to Jay-Z for a little bit, and there was another actress that was there, who was also talking to JAY-Z. She touched JAY-Z's chest and Beyoncé came walking up, like, 'Biiitch,'" the star recalled. "She didn't say that, but her demeanor, her body, the way she walked up on her was like 'Get your hand off my man's chest.' She started talking to that actress and some other stuff happened, but I ain't going to say nothing yet. It's going to be in the streets. You're going to know."

Scroll on below to listen to a snippet from Beyoncé's verse from "Top Off" and judge for yourself.

Photo: Getty Images

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