Lupita Nyong'o & Michael B. Jordan Get Flirtatious On Twitter And In Videos

Black Panther smashed several records during its opening weekend. It was amazing to see such a great cinematic project win like this! However, fans of the movie also enjoyed watching two of the movie's stars, Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B. Jordan's real-life antics. 

Apparently, Jordan lost some type of bet against Nyong'o. So, he's at the actress' mercy for a while now. Anytime and anywhere that Nyong'o wants Jordan to perform pushups, he absolutely has to do them. The actress has even done the honors of recording some of the times that Jordan had to drop down and give her 50 -- well, not 50. But, you know what we mean.

The videos are pretty cute. Fans say that they can even see some chemistry between the two. Take a look at a couple clips with them below and try not to smile. 

But, things got turned up a whole other notch when two tweets between Jordan and Nyong'o were posted... and things got freaky! On Monday (Feb. 19), Jordan tweeted to his Black Panther co-star, “Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2? #youknowyouwantthis.” Nyongo'o then replied back, “No dessert until you come correct.” See those hilarious messages below. 

However, we learned that these messages were posted while the two stars appeared on MTV's "Safeword" show. Comedian Tiffany Haddish let the cat out of the bag on IG. So, you can calm down, ladies. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Photo: Getty Images

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