Tyrese Shoves Female Fan Who Runs Up Onstage (VIDEO)

Words of advice for any Tyrese fans out there: You shouldn't run up onstage and attempt to grab the singer. It's not going to go well.

Unfortunately, a female fan of Ty's had to learn this lesson the hard way. While the star was performing at a Valentine's Love Jam in Detroit, a woman ran up onstage to greet Ty. What made matters worse was the fact that the fan also tried to grab or hug the singer. Naturally, Tyrese was in complete shock when this took place and reacted quickly.

After finishing up a song, Ty took a few steps away from his mic and began wiping his face with a towel. At the same time that he was removing the towel from his face, that's when the fan ran up to him. So startled by her, Ty shoved her, as a way to defend himself from the sudden interaction. Immediately after, security came and removed the woman from the stage.

After the shove, Ty definitely looked apologetic about the moment. But, you can't be mad at the singer for reacting the way he did after he failing to notice the fan, until she got super close to him.

See the awkward stage moment above.

Photo: YouTube/TMZ

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