The #FreeMeekMill Movement Has Made Its Way To The 2018 Winter Olympics

Well, will you look at this? The #FreeMeekMill campaign has officially made its way to the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

The major sporting event kicked off in South Korea on Thursday, Feb. 8. It'll continue until Sunday, Feb. 25. During the Olympic halfpipe qualifiers on Monday (Feb. 12), one specific snowboarder make a statement that left many people in shock. Tit Stante, who's a snowboarder from Slovenia, decided to show his support for incarcerated rapper Meek Mill.

How did he do this exactly? Well, on his snowboard, Stante wrote, "#FreeMeekMill." The athlete would later take a picture as he held up his board, so viewers could clearly see his message. Unfortunately, Stante is now in 25th place in the field after falling behind in the qualifiers. On the bright side, he's gone viral. 

Photo: Getty Images

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