Nelly Officially Under Criminal Investigation for Sexual Assault

Nelly is under criminal investigation for sexual assault in England, TMZ reports. 

If you can recall, news began circulating that two more women had come forward to accuse the rapper of assaulting them at a couple previous tour stops he had. One of the women said that Nelly violated her as early on Dec. 5 at Cliffs Pavilion in Essex. "The accuser says she went to take a picture with Nelly and she says he placed his arm tightly behind her and asked if she could stay behind to talk to him," TMZ reads.

The news outlet continues that when Nelly, the woman and her friends went back to his tour bus; things turned bad quickly. The accuser said the rapper would invite her into a separate room. Once they were both inside, Nelly allegedly pulled his pants down and started to masturbate. The accuser adds that the artist also attempted to kiss her and pull her shirt off.

"The woman says Nelly put his right hand on the back of her head and his left hand on her shoulder, forced her head down, pushing his erect penis into her mouth," TMZ states. "She says she ran out of the room as he called her a c***." Now, Essex police has began its investigation.

Nelly has vehemently denied all sexual assault allegations. 

Photo: Getty Images

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