Ne-Yo Just Wants To Be A 'Good Man' On New Single (LISTEN)


Just when you thought chivalry was dead, Ne-Yo is here to remind us that he's here to be a "Good Man," and tells us all about it on his new single of the same name.

Sampling D'Angelo's famous slow jam "Untitled (How Does It Feel)"and produced by DJ Camper, Ne-Yo explains how he wants to be a good man to his lady and treat her right. In fact, in the song, he tells us he would pause a hangout sesh with Obama just to answer his other half's phone call. He sings in the first verse, "So I just wanna pick the phone up/Every single time you call/Then no matter where I'm in/I wanna be chillin with Obama talkin' business and see you callin' and tell him, 'Hold up I gotta take this.'"

Now, that's love.

"Good Man" is the title track off of Ne-Yo's forthcoming 7th studio album of the same name, and the newest song from the project. Over the summer, the R&B star released "Another Love Song." Good Man will be released sometime this year, and follows 2015's Non-Fiction

Over the summer, Ne-Yo revealed the title of his new album during an interview with The Breakfast Club. He said of the project: 

"I'm calling it that because that’s what every woman wants and what every man should strive to be. You’re not born a good man. You gotta go through some stuff, let some things happen, in order to become a good man."

He added, "All the music on this album isn’t gonna be happy because I didn't write just completely about myself. I felt like, if I just write it about me, how can it be relatable to anybody else? I’m definitely happy and in a great place, but I know that everybody isn’t."


Listen to Ne-Yo's new single "Good Man" above!


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