Drake Bell Angrily Chews Out Ball-Throwing High Schoolers At Concert

(TMZ) -- Drake Bell got totally pissed off at a crowd of high schoolers who hurled balls at him -- then fired back at them with a tongue-lashing worthy of your old homeroom teacher.

The Drake & Josh star's band was rocking the Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte when the crowd got restless, and cleaned out a nearby ball pit. Sources at the school tell us Drake opened with songs from his new album which nobody knew. Major party foul for the kids, who started firing the balls onstage. 

The video's hysterical ... DB reached his boiling point while playing the Drake & Josh theme, and whipped a ball back at the crowd -- then stopped the show to shame them. 

Future advice for Drake: play the hits, bro. Just the hits.

Photo: Getty Images

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