It's the new trend in IG Selfies!!!

There is a new photo trend on Instagram right now called the downward gaze!!  And I would like to just say that I’ve been doing this trend for YEARS now!!  Hahahaha! This new candid Instagram pose is sweeping social feeds around the world.    They say the casual downward gaze creates a "natural vibe" and makes the photos look less posed/framed. And OMG, I CAN NOT BELIEVE how many pics I've taken like this for YEARS now!!! Seriously, there are soooooo many pics!! I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that I've already been partaking in this trend for years now.  Below are just a FEW of the pics I have posted on my social media but there are SOOOOO MANY MORE!! Hmmmmm....I'm leaning more towards embarrassed maybe? Or maybe not? lol



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