11-Year-Old Boy Writes a Rap Song About His Bully

An 11-year-old boy sent a message to rapper Mac Lethal about a former friend who has been bullying him for nearly 2 years.

He wrote a rap song and a message to Lethal:

"Dear Mac Lethal,

You have been a big inspiration to me, and I think you prolly won't read this.. but if you ever do I have a request..

My best friend Thomas who grew up down the street from me… Well, he used to be my best friend, now he hates me and hurts me whenever i see him. He has made my entire school not like me and they always make fun of how I walk and talk. I am nice to all of them but they are cruel to me except for my friend Jonas and Sarah and some girls who like me.

I wrote a rap for him but I'm shy. You are my favorite rapper and it would be an honor if you would sing this song to him in a video.

Dear Thomas, You and me used to be best friends

We used to ride bikes and go to the pool and swim

You used to come to my house and play ps4

I don’t understand why you don’t like me anymore

Yesterday you kicked me and said mean things to my sister

You pushed me off my bike now I know I have a huge blister

You used to be my best friend in the world

Now you don’t like me cuz you say I throw like a girl

I'm sorry that I don’t like sports

That doesn’t mean u can call me names and snort

I'm not as strong as you when you punch me it hurts

I'm still mad at you for ripping my new shirt

I lied about how it got ripped to my mom

You said that you want to hit my house with a bomb

Your friendship is something that I cherish

But why do you want me to feel so embarrassed ???

I'm different I know that I'm different

I'm different I know that I'm different

I'm different I know that I'm different

but I still care about you and our friendship

I can't forget the one time in class

You asked me if you could copy off my math

I was happy and said yes in a flash

Then u harassed me to make your friends laugh

I was nice enough to help you get an A

Then you told Rudy and Aiden I was gay

I didn’t tell Mrs (censored) but u still beat me up after

school feel like a fool

Are you mad at me for saying Call of duty infinite

warfare isn’t fun? Maybe I was wrong and it really isn’t bad

I'll play with you again

Just add me I have the same gamer tag

I'm not mad

I just wish you wouldn’t make fun of me because I've

never met my dad when we were friends you would say that it was sad

I still remember all the great times that we had

I'm different I know that I'm different

I'm different I know that I'm different

I'm different I know that I'm different

But I still care about u and our friendship"

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