10 Groups Who Went On An indefinite Hiatus

Fans may have seen it coming, but it’s still difficult coping with the news that Fifth Harmony is going on a hiatus. Fortunately, the girls did not say they are breaking up — so perhaps we can still see a 5H in the future. Still, see them and the many other groups that came before them, who have gone through the whole “indefinite hiatus” thing. 

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony announced on March 19 they’d be going on a hiatus “in order to pursue solo endeavors.”

One Direction

Member Niall Horan confirmed in 2015 that One Direction had collectively decided to take “a well earned break.”

The Wanted

Back in 2014, The Wanted announced that they were taking a break — Thomas Parker even tweeted, “It’s a break, not the end.” Still, we’re waiting for some more music...

The Jonas Brothers

After a crazy successful career as young teens, the JoBros called it quits in 2013 — canceling their entire tour, much to fans’ horror. Though both Nick and Joe are pursuing their own careers in the biz, rumors heated up earlier this year that the boys would be getting back together as a band — and, as Nick said, “Never say never.”

Destiny's Child

Destiny’s Child dropped their last album in 2006, but technically that wasn’t the rest for the band — who later reunited at a concert just days later, and, of course, during Bey’s unbelievable Super Bowl halftime show. 


*NSYNC went on an indefinite hiatus in 2002 and haven’t recorded music together since. (ALL THE TEARS.) Still — they reunited in 2013 and performed a medley of their hits at the VMAs. 

Big Bang

One of the biggest boy bands in K-Pop is about to embark on a hiatus as various members serve in the military. Still, G-Dragon gives fans hope by singing, “This is not the end of us / I hope we’ll meet again when the flowers are blooming,” in their latest single.


Emblem3 has been through their fair share of makeups and breakups: Drew Chadwick tried his hand at a solo career, while the Stromberg brothers continued Emblem3 as a duo. There was an indefinite hiatus, then Drew re-joined the band, and the guys released new music in 2017. Now, it pretty much seems like the group is over, with Drew trying for a solo career. 

Big Time Rush

TBH, we’re still waiting for that BTR reunion. None of the guys have ruled it out, but they’re all busy working on their solo careers. 

Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls disbanded in 2010, but as of 2018, Kimberly Wyatt said that the whole group is on board for a reunion (yes, including Nicole Scherzinger). 

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