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This Is The Best Restaurant In California According To Truckers

Vintage padded bar stools in an American diner restaurant.

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A dusty roadside diner in Southern California is known for its hometown cooking. Truckdrivers say they'll go 100 miles out of their way eat at Outpost Cafe.

This rustic eatery can be found at the intersection of the 15 and 395 freeways where the Cajon Pass stretches ou fo the San Bernardino mountains. Inside the 62-year-old A-frame building guests are seated at leather booths or worn turquoise counters stools surrounded by lots of wood planking and wagon wheel light fixtures. The food iis uncomplicated and nostalgic. Diners enjoy old-fashioned American favorites like chicken-fried steak, rib-eye steak with potatoes, meatloaf sandiches and spaghetti and meatball, etc.

An Outpost Cafe server, Sherry Spearow told Eater Los Angeles that its the only place truckers will stop to eat in the entire state of California, "They’ll go 50 miles out of their way to come here because it’s good hometown cooking,” she says. “Mom-and-pop places are few and far between, and most of the truck stops now are taking the restaurants out and putting in fast food."

A truck driver based out of Arizon, Scott Colon told the publication, that places like the Outpost Cafe make up less than 10% of the dinging options when crossing the U.S. Colon said "I came 110 miles, even though I have to go in the other direction, just so I can eat here. If you do any traveling, if you go the old routes like Route 66, there aren’t any diners anymore. It’s all Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s.” 

The Outpost Cafe is also a popular place for families over the decades with many generations dining together on weekends and special occasions.

The current owner of the Outpost Cafe hopes to maintain his father's vision of a mom-and-pop restaurant that provides good food and service year after year.

The Outpost Cafe is open from 6am to 9:30pm daily and located at 8685 U.S. Route 395, Oak Hills, CA, 92344. Check out their menu HERE.

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