Mom Catches Fly Ball While Holding Baby At San Diego Padres Game

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone knows mothers are masters of multitasking, but one San Diego Padres fan took it another level on Wednesday, June 9.

Lexy Whitmore was wearing a Manny Machado jersey and holding her baby Maverick under her left arm when she was able to reach back and catch a foul ball hit by Cubs' Jake Marisnick.

“I just reached back and I grabbed it,” Whitmore told FOX5. “I didn’t think it was gonna turn into this whole huge viral thing. I just was catching the ball.”

The play was caught on camera during the game.

"That was quite the catch," said one announcer.

"The right-handed grab and baby in tow," said another. "It's a nice grab, be careful of the little one though."

But the baby seemed unfazed by the catch and the celebration that followed.

Whitmore told FOX5 she grew up playing sports like softball, soccer, and field hockey. Her 9-year-old daughter was also sitting next to her during the game.

“Maverick was in my arms and, you know, the ball came at me and I just kind of knew that I could catch it,” she said. “I wasn’t worried about him or anything. It just kind of came to me. Here’s the ball now and I just grabbed it and snagged it.”

It was a great moment to lift the spirits of fans who watched the Padres lose 3-1.