A Dream Come True for Horace's Family! Make Happiness Happens Update!!!!

We introduced you last week to Horace's family and story, today we have a HUGE update!

Listener John reached out to the show to Make Happiness Happen for his five nieces. Estela, Amelia, Amaya, Athena and Alexa - all under the age of ten years old - who lost their father last November in a senseless road rage incident in Chula Vista. John reached out in hopes to complete the landscaping project that his brother Horace began for his daughters, prior to his death. Horace was a deeply dedicated father and wanted his little girls outside, playing, laughing, and bonding just as he did with his siblings.

Horace intended to install turf (artificial grass) for his two youngest daughters who are allergic to grass. The backyard is 1400 square feet and is completely bare since he was never able to finish what he started.

Thats when we had Nick from Evo Turf reach out and told us some great news! Evo Turf is going to installing ALL 1400 square feet of turf for the family.

Now we just can't wait to see the final project done!

We had so many companies reach out to us to help make this dream come true and we would like to shout them all out!

Shout out to:

Sergio from SPORTURF

Dream Gardens by Sporturf International is your premier turf experts in San Diego where no job is too small. Call (619) 259-2527 for free turf estimates.

Nathan from LaBahns.com

Contact LaBahns for any design or build needs you might have

Thanks again to our good friends Batta Fulkerson for helping us Make Happiness Happen!



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