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Teenager Gets Surprise Before Open-Heart Surgery

It's another episode of "Make Happiness Happen" where Kramer and Geena go out into the world to put a smile on someone's face. 

Today, they visit Coleen who wanted to take her son, Trevor, and her family to Benihana before his heart surgery. Our friends at Soapy Joe's and Luxx Limousine helped make it happen!

Kramer and Geena received a call from Coleen, a single mom with 4 adopted children who wanted to take her family to Benihana before her son Trevor's heart surgery on March 5th at UCLA Medical Center to fix his mitral valve. 

Coleen's call:

So today, Kramer and Geena wanted to do something special for Coleen and her family and called some friends up to help make it happen. Soapy Joe's heard the story and chipped in by donating $100 to help with the lunch bill and Luxx Limousine offered to help by giving everyone a ride in one of their really cool limos!  On top of that, a listener by the name of Sonya called in to donate an additional $100 to help them splurge EVEN MORE at Benihana! 

We are forever grateful for everyone who chipped in to help make this happen for Trevor! It's amazing when strangers join forces in San Diego to help put a smile on someone's face. 

Who should they help next?