'Friends' Is Getting A LEGO Set For Their 25th Anniversary! See The Pics!

'Friends' Is Getting A LEGO Set For Their 25th Anniversary! In honor of the beloved sitcoms special anniversary, LEGO just made an exciting announcement. The toy company revealed a sneak peak at a Friends-inspired LEGO set


The Friends LEGO features a ton of toy-sized replicas from the actual show, including the stage where Phoebe performs 'Smelly Cat,' as well as Ross’s keyboard, Rachel’s tray and coffee cup, Monica’s muffin, Joey’s pizza box, pizza slice, and “man bag," Chandler’s laptop also makes an appearance, as well as Phoebe’s guitar, Gunther’s broom and more than 1,000 other Easter eggs from the show.

The Friends LEGO set will be available for purchase in any LEGO Store and online starting Sept. 1

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