A Young Mother's Last Wishes For Her Daughter

Support For Subeida

Subeida is undergoing the toughest fight of her life. For over the past 3 years Subeida has battled cancer. She was diagnosed with sarcoma in 2016 and shortly thereafter had her right leg amputated to help keep the cancer from spreading. Despite this setback, Subeida continued to pursue a higher education, hold seasonal employment and enjoy life to the fullest. Her cancer however, has had a turn for the worse spreading to her lungs and other vital organs throughout her body, and it is non treatable. She has stopped receiving treatment medication and with the help of the Friends of Scott organization, Subeida has begun her transition to Hospice. Subeida is a single mother and her parent's now have had to step in and help raise her daughter.

Subeidahas been wanting trip to Legoland for her entire family to enjoy so they could create happy memories with her daughter with the little time she has left.

Thanks to our friends BATTA FULKERSON LAW GROUP we were able to make that dream a reality. We’re sending the entire family to an all-expense paid trip to Legoland and taking care of everything with front of the line passes and a hosted lunch!

Legoland also invited the family to officiate the grand opening ceremony to open the park! 

If you’d like to donate to Subeida’s gofundme click HERE

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