A Sick Mother Is Reunited With Her Kids

Listener Martha wanted to Make Happiness Happen for her 17-year-old twin niece and nephew. Tati and Ernie will be graduating from High School this month but unfortunately their own mother will be missing it. Their parents split when they were about 7 years old, their father (Listener Martha’s brother) taking care of them here in San Diego, has raised them alone due to financial and health struggles their mother has had to deal with, forcing her to stay in the Bay Area with her family. Unfortunately, their mother was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She is currently going through chemo since her body has rejected everything else. The doctors have said she may only have 6 more months to live.  

Due to their mother going through chemo therapy, she’s missing their graduation. Tati has plans to attend community college here in the San Diego area and Ernie will be joining the air force after graduation this August. Their father would love to send his children to spend some time with their mother while there is still some time left but unfortunately does not have the funds.

Thanks to Batta Fulkerson and Alaska Airlines, were were able to change that!

Thanks to our friends over at Alaska Airlines, we were able to reunite this family, giving them 6 first class tickets so Tati & Ernie can fly out to the bay area to get that much needed family time they deserve!

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