Funny How Life Comes Full Circle...

This week was my first trip to our IHeartRadio Theatre in LA. (Btw it’s an awesome venue, I hope you get the chance to go.) To my surprise, when we pulled up, I realized it was the studio Jay Leno used to do the The Tonight Show! (So?) Well, when I was in 8th grade, we took a big family trip cross country from Georgia to Cal-i-forn-i-a (that was a BIG DEAL) I was a hugeeee Leno fan (he was my #goals), and my mom and I stood outside of the studio at the crack of dawn in hopes of being a part of the audience. Long story short, we were and my moms shoulder was on TV and it was like one of the coolest experiences EVER for a bunch of country folks in the big city! More importantly though, looking back, if you would’ve told this awkward, kinda fat, nerdy kid that one day, he would be sitting on this exact same bench (well, now a bus stop) working for one of the biggest top 40 radio stations in the country, he would’ve never believed you. All of these kids dreams came true. And he is grateful for it all.

Kramer and Geena Mornings

Kramer and Geena Mornings

Steve Kramer and Geena the Latina host one of the top rated and most entertaining shows in San Diego. Tune in to Channel 93.3 FM weekdays 6-10am for lots of laughs, gossip, and hit music. Read more


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