Weed Wine Is Here!

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Well, you know it was coming! Weed Wine is here!

From Food Beast

"It’s sauvignon blanc. That citrusy, green-grape white wine from France. A THC-infused sauvignon blanc to be exact....this marijuana creation, a non-alcoholic wine “that smells like weed but tastes like wine,” is the brainchild of a California-based Rebel Coast Winery. Yes, unfortunately it’s non-alcoholic because federal regulation prevents mixing THC with alcohol in products. But each bottle of this cannabis vino holds 16 milligrams of THC, the element responsible for the psychoactive effects of weed. That’s approximately 4 milligrams of THC per glass, a perfectly modest amount to help you get the “nice, euphoric, mild high.”

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Wait what? Weed and Sauvignon Blanc? Yes please #weedwine (online orders in CA only!) #ifyourenotfirstyourlast #january1styourclothswillbeoff

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