"It's Not My Job To Correct A Grown Woman..." T-Boz on All Lives Matter

Tionne Watkins, better known as "T-Boz" from the hit group TLC, is making headlines for multiple reasons this week. On the positive, she's excited for the release of her new book "A Sick Life", where she opens up about her wild ride as one of the members of the best-selling girl group ever. And for the first time, sharing her struggles as she battled with both sickle cell disease and a brain tumor.

Unfortunately, she's making headlines for the shooting of her cousin Eddie Russell Jr. last week.

TMZ reporting: 

While police describe Eddie as aggressively advancing "toward officers with a handgun" -- T-Boz disputes that and says her cousin was unarmed. She also blames cops for "using" Eddie's mother to lure him out of the house. Her biggest issue is he had mental health issues, and she claims police knew that, and promised his mother they would "give him the help he needs."

 Cops admit firing 18 shots, and say the coroner confirmed Eddie was struck 17-20 times. They also say they recovered a handgun that matches the one he allegedly had in the bank.

T-Boz joined the Kramer and Geena morning show to tell her cousin's story, and to clear up bandmate Chili's "All Lives Matter" comment:

Kramer and Geena Mornings

Kramer and Geena Mornings

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