Principal Said Girls Shouldn’t Wear Leggings Unless They’re A Size 0 or 2

OMG. Parents...thoughts on this??  

Parents confirmed to WCBD-TV that it was Principal Heather Taylor who made the comments, and she said them during a meeting about appropriate attire for students under the school’s dress code. Here’s what she apparently said, according to ABC News 4, and you can hear a recording of part of the comments on WCBD-TV's website.

“(Leggings are) meant to wear underneath a long shirt that covers your heiny, or a long sweater of some type, or a dress. It is not meant to be your actual pants, and if you have a shirt that comes to here, then you are showing everything. Yes, everything. The sad thing is with that, ladies — if someone has not told you this before, I'm going to tell you this now — unless you are a size zero or a two, and you wear something like that, even though you are not fat, you look fat.”

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