Just Revealed: 69 New Emojis!

It's that time again: time for new emojis! 69 of them have be proposed to be added to the emoji library. These haven't been approved yet, but fingers crossed. If they are, then soon you'll see them on your phone soon.

Here's the early buzz from DailyDot:

  • The Scottish flag, which has been an essential omission from the current selection of global flags.
  • The can of tomatoes, which is useless, tasteless, and weirdly specific.
  • The dinosaurs, which will surely be incorporated into global slang for “this conversation is getting old, dude.”
  • The bearded white person, who seems both sensitive and masculine.
  • The blue overcoat, because it’s cold outside and you better bundle up.

Can not wait to use the 'mind blown' one!

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