Make Happiness Happen: Mural Restoration Project For Southeast San Diego

Mural Restoration Project San Diego

During one of Geena's IG Lives with Arturo Gonzalez, he pointed out that one of San Diego's historic murals located at 32nd and Imperial Ave has been defaced. The faces of important figures in our history have been completely covered or tagged and need restoration.

This mural has been an important landmark in our community since 1986. It was originally installed to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and other leaders and was restored in 2002 by muralist Mario Torero with community help.

They say if you want to learn about a community look at it's walls. This wall tells stories of the heroes that have lead us through our darkest hours.

The original artist left a very powerful imprint when creating this beautiful installation years ago.

Thanks to our friends over at Batta Fulkerson, they are kicking off the Mural Restoration Project San Diego campaign with a $1,000 donation!

Help us reach their $2,500 goal!

The donations will be used to buy the paint and supplies needed to recreate the artwork that has been recently damaged and also to restore all of the original paint.

Click HERE to make a donation to their gofundme!

If you'd like to volunteer and help restore the mural email Kim at or DM the art team on IG @southeastartteam

Check out our guy Frankie V. talking about the story LIVE on KUSI News! Click HERE to watch!



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