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Starbucks Will Allow Customers to Bring Back This One Item!

San Diego County officially moves into the yellow tier today.

  • This comes less than a week before the entire state is set to fully reopen on June 15th.  In the yellow tier, outdoor music venues can increase to 67% percent capacity, restaurants and gyms can be at 50% capacity, indoor bars can be at 25% and outdoor gatherings can expand to 200 people.

Did you hear a “boom” and felt shaking last night? If so you weren’t alone! 

  • A mystery boom shaking was reported all across San Diego County last night. It happened around 8:15pm last night. People felt it from the South Bay all the way up to Kearny Mesa. There was no registered earthquake last night. Some people who heard the boom in Imperial Beach said it sounded as if it was coming from the South. Officials at Camp Pendelton said the base would be firing high explosive munitions this week for training however they didn’t confirm that this was them either.

Crocs made a comeback this past year, becoming one of the most popular shoes during the pandemic.

  • But are you ready for croc stilettos??? Crocs has teamed up with luxury brand Balenciaga to come out with Crocs stilettos that will be part of their spring 2022 collection. No word on how much they’ll cost yet. They are also coming out with platform pool slide crocs and croc boots.
  • One person wrote on a twitter, “Don’t want to live in a world where this stiletto Croc is real. It’s real.” Another said, “That croc stiletto look like a real life emoji.”

Starbucks will allow customers to bring their own mugs again beginning June 22nd

  • Due to the pandemic, customers weren’t allowed to bring their personal reusable cups but now they will be able to however things will be changed a bit. Baristas won’t be able to touch the cups, which means they can’t clean them, so make sure your cups are clean before you take them to the store. To have them filled, customers will need to place the cups in a larger cup or on a tray.

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