A new 3.2-acre bike park is officially open in the South Bay!



A new 3.2-acre bike park is officially open in the South Bay. It is only the second ever built by San Diego County, 

The Greg Cox Bike Park was unveiled Wednesday in a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring Cox, the county’s former District 1 supervisor, as well as Supervisor Nora Vargas and Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas. It features bike trails for beginners and intermediate riders and other amenities. The park is located at 253 Rancho Drive and is one of the latest options for residents looking to get some exercise. 

Reservations for the campground can be made online at sdparks.org

Did you watch President Joe Biden address Congress last night? Here are the details!

Last night President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress and declared that the nation is “turning peril into possibility,” celebrating progress against the coronavirus and urging a $1.8 trillion dollar investment in children, families and education that would fundamentally transform roles the government plays in American life.

The nationally televised ritual of the president standing before Congress for the first time was one of the most-watched moments so far in Biden’s presidency

Here are the top baby names for 2021!

Of course over the past year, people have been stuck home and making some babies. So a baby naming website decided to release a list of names that parents in the U.S. are searching for the most. The top boy names are Silus and Atticus . . . and the top girl names are Luna and Maeve.