THESE are the most popular dog names of 2020

Is Geena being a bad dog mom? She might have just traumatized one of fur babies by doing this!

Listener Eric is in need of some help San Diego! Eric who is engaged might want to call it off because his fiancé is co-parenting with her ex, which if fine however he calls her 5 times a day and she will stop what she is doing just to talk with him even if it's not regarding their child! Should Eric love his fiancé or leave her?

  • Trump supporters and Antifa and BLM supporters got into a major altercation on Saturday in Pacific Beach.  It happened at the Patriot March that took place along Ocean Front Walk early Saturday afternoon. Things got heated as people showed up with bats, mace was sprayed, people were throwing things at each other, and officers were hit with glass bottles and eggs.  By 2:30pm police officers were lined up in riot gear and had separated the two sides on opposite ends declaring it an unlawful assembly due to acts of violence.  The crowd finally dispersed by 6pm.
  • So is president Trump getting impeached or not? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sayd that Democrats are going forward with their plan to try to remove Trump from office.  In a letter, she said that the House will try to pass a bill today to pressure Vice President Mike Pence into invoking the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of the White House. Mike Pence will then have 24 hours to act and if he doesn’t the house will proceed with impeachment.
  • County Healthy leaders reported 3288 new Covid cases and 33 additional deaths as of yesterday. Meanwhile, a new vaccination super station is set to launch today near Petco Park in the Tailgate Park. Healthcare workers can sign up to make an appointment to be vaccinated there.  The goal of the new super site is to vaccinate 5,000 healthcare workers per day.  Tere are more than 500,000 healthcare workers in San Diego County and at least 200,000 or more still need to be vaccinated. The county is footing the bill. There are plans to open another super site in the South Bay.
  • PETS: Most Popular Dog Names of 2020
  • Forget Fido -- pet names have gotten a lot more unique in recent years, and 2020 was no exception. According to analysis by Bark Veterinary, these were the most popular dog names for puppies born in 2020:
  • Female Dogs:                        Male Dogs:
  • 1.    Luna                                 Cooper                                  
  • 2.    Daisy                                Milo
  • 3.    Bella                                 Finn
  • 4.    Lucy                                 Charlie
  • 5.    Penny                              Tucker (Daily Motion)
  • National Clean off Your Desk Day: Observed annually on the second Monday in January, this is a day to start the new year fresh … What are you using as a desk these days?

People are coming after Harry Styles and even calling him a home wrecker!!!! Harry is rumored to be dating newly single Olivia Wilde, however her now ex fiancé is saying the timeline doesn't match up.

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