Football is back tonight + This one company is hiring 100,000 workers!

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Crazy Girl Confessions today might just be the wildest ones we've heard all year!!! Listener Michelle in Vista told us how she got her revenge by announcing on a microphone that her cheating boyfriend had an STD!

  • The Valley Fire which has burned 17,665 acres is now 27% contained and evacuation orders have been reduced in some areas.  Those areas include Corte Madera Ranch, Barrett Lake Dam, all areas accessible from Lawson Valley Road to the east except Forest Park Road and the north side of Japatul Road between Sycuan Truck Trail and Hidden Glen Road. Proof of residency will be required for residents to return to their homes in these areas. All other evacuation orders remain in effect and the Cleveland National Forest remains closed. Almost 900 fire personnel have been assigned to the Valley Fire. A disaster relief fund has been set up at

Here are some helpful tips for Fire prevention and preparedness:

  • It’s not too late to create an emergency plan. Discuss and practice the plan with all members of your household. Don’t forget your pets’ needs.
  • Know the various routes away from your home/office so you can leave quickly and efficiently if necessary.
  • Leave early! If you feel unsafe you are more than welcome to evacuate before a mandatory evacuation.
  • Because of weather conditions, this is NOT the time to use power tools to clear brush on your property.
  • You CAN clear debris and dead, dried leaves and branches from your rain gutters; remove combustible materials from around your home and also remove dead branches and leaves from trees and foliage near your home.
  • Prepare a “go bag” with important documents, medications, cords to charge your devices, hand sanitizer, masks and clothing.
  • Bring snacks and water with you in case there is a delay in getting to a shelter or alternate evacuation point.
  • You don’t have to go to a shelter. If you have the means, go to a hotel. And perhaps talk with family and close friends about staying with them if you evacuate. 
  • The pandemic isn’t gone. Be aware of health safety guidelines if you evacuate.
  • Go to to sign up for emergency alerts through Alert San Diego. 
  • As a result of all the wildfires, all 18 of California’s national forests including in San Diego County are closed. This is the first time in decades that entire forests in the state have been closed due to wildfires, this includes campgrounds and day use sits on national forest lands. “These temporary closures are necessary to protect the public and firefighters.” They are asking all Californians and visitors to take these closures and evacuations seriously.” All California national forests will remain closed until conditions improve. As of now there is no reopening date. 
  • A Limited number of students have returned to South Bay schools for distance learning support. They started a new program in the Chula Vista Elementary School District called the Distance Learning Support Program.  The full-day program allows a limited number of students to return to campus to continue remote learning in small groups. Many are children of essential workers as well as those with special needs, in the foster care system or experiencing homelessness.  More than 900 students are enrolled in the program, and the waitlist to join is long.  Families interested in the support program should contact their school’s principal. Additionally, families within the district needing technical assistance with district-adopted online programs can contact the Parent Helpline at 619-409-6638. It is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • UPS announced yesterday that they plan to hire 100,000 workers this holiday season .  And UPS says that a lot of these jobs will move into permanent roles after the holiday season is over. UPS is looking for full and part-time package handlers, drivers, driver-helpers and drivers utilizing personal vehicles.
  • The NFL kicks off tonight on NBC!!! Only one test out of over 17,000 tested positive for covid-19 but now teams are traveling.  Tonight’s game will be the Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans. The season will look a bit different. The stadiums will limit capacity. Tonight, the stadium will be at about 22% capacity which is about 16,800 people total. Game time is 5:20pm tonight on NBC or you can watch online via NBC Sports. 

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