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The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

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The 4-Letter Word Frankie Hates & Hiding Things From Your Significant Other

Today, both Geena and Frankie confront people they have issues with; listeners share what item they hide before their significant other gets home; we cover the latest celebrity gossip (like Kylie Jenner's new boyfriend) with Geena's Big Scoop; and lots more.

Here's what show members and our listeners are hiding from our significant others.

What Do You Hide From Your Significant Other?

The 4-letter word that Frankie cannot stand and his boss Haze, uses it all the time!

The 4-Letter Word That Frankie CANNOT STAND!

Why Geena has a big beef with San Diego radio personality Jesse Lozano.

Geena Confronts Jesse Lozano.

More big scoop!

Kanye West registered to vote for the first time in Cody, Wyoming.

The Bachelorette is filming in Palm Springs.

So, is this Kylie Jenner's new boyfriend?

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