Footage Of Attempted Robbery On An Armored Truck IS STRAIGHT OUT OF A MOVIE

So whether you're sitting at your desk bored out of your mind working or just chilling on the couch... Prepare to have your heart race and your hands get sweaty. This video I'm about to show you feels like it is straight out of a Michael Bay movie minus the massive explosions. But for real, this is about to be the craziest 2 and a half minutes of your life!!!

HOW CRAZY WAS THAT?????? Also shout out to that driver, that was insane. I felt like I was watching Robert De Niro on the big screen. Maybe Leo but you know what I mean. He seemed so calm and ready to handle this situation like it is an every day occurence for him. And that poor passenger that had to get the gun ready. I was reading up on the video and people were saying he was a rookie on the job or something so imagine having to deal with that. If you're curious how it all ended, the two guys were okay!

Unbelievable man, remind me to never be a cash transit driver in Africa.