0%... You read that correctly, 0%!! That's the score the latest movie from Netflix got on Rotten Tomatoes. The new movie is "The Last Days of American Crime." Now you can see that 0% percent and think that's a terrible look for the movie. I think the exact opposite. Imagine how many people want to see that movie now that they know it is SO BAD. If a movie had a 50% rating then I'd know it is just a waste of my time. But if a movie has a 0% I'm intrigued. I need to see it immediately. So if you need a little taste of what the movie is, here's the trailer...

Oh boy hahaha this is about to be a wild ride. Did I mention it is LONG AFFFFFF? Oh yeha it's well over 2 hours so if you need me tonight DON"T because I'm putting all my time and effort into this bad boy. I'll see you on the otherside!

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