California Set To Open Movie Theaters: You Goin or Nah?


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California movie theaters can begin opening later this week if they limit theater capacity to 25% or no more than 100 attendees.
State guidance released Monday adds movie theaters to a long list of entertainment and other businesses that can start reopening as the nation’s most populous state relaxes its stay-at-home order.

Well, It's happening! More and more places in San Diego are opening as life before the quarantine starts to come back. My question about this whole thing is, are you down to go? They are making sure there is limited seating in these theaters which is AMAZING because nothing ruins a movie like having to be cramped next to some rando. I'm the ahole that does the seat buffer between me and the next person. So now this whole limited seating is definitely enticing to me but do you risk it knowing that you might catch coronavirus?

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