Joaquin Phoenix AKA THE FREAKING JOKER Was Arrested!!

LOL okay please don't hate me for the clickbait title... I have mouths to feed (mine) and to be honest I technically didn't lie!! The actor who plays the Joker amongst many other awesome roles was arrested today at Jane Fonda's rally. It's not what you think though, he didn't go all joker on everyone and start wreaking havoc. He was just protesting in a place he's not allowed to. In case you aren't clued in on this trend, people (mostly celebrities because their jobs don't ask if they've been arrested) will purposely protest to get arrested in order to bring more attention to their cause. I'm not saying I'm against it, it's just something not everyone can do because of the ramifications.

Along with Phoenix was Martin Sheen who gave a speech surely inspired by his West Wing character and of course Jane Fonda. Sounds like a grand old time!! Here's a video of them getting arrested in case you needed this in your life. Okay carry on with your Friday night!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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