Neyo Makes Love To His Own Music Because OF COURSE

I've always wondered in a more broader term... Do artists and actors watch their own stuff and enjoy it. Does Leo DiCaprio watch hss movies and go, "Damn, I killed that." Does Adam Levine listen to a Maroon 5 song and hum it while doing whatever it is he does on a regular basis. So this led me to my next question... If you're making baby makin music do you listen to it while you're making love?? Well Ne-Yo just answered that question.... He blasts his own stuff while making love to his wife. Straight from his mouth:


Are we really surprised though? I mean Ne-Yo is one of the kings of baby makin music. Every single song he first put out was about making love. So this is obviously no surprise that he lights some candles and puts some roses on the bed and then of course right before he gets into bed says, "Alexa, play Mirror BY ME" BAMMMMMM!!! Oh and just in case you can't remember this classic here ya go

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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