Kelly Clarkson Lost Over A Million Dollars In A Second...

I think we can all agree that you and me losing a million dollars like that is just the worst possible thing that could happen. I've never seen a million dollars in my life. Does it fit into one briefcase? How many money phones can you make???


All I know is it is a lot of freaking money. And Kelly Clarkson just lost it... By slashing the price of her massive home. I know that may not seem that crazy but the place looks insane. Here's the link to see the actual house on TMZ... It's 20,000 sq ft and it's in Tennessee. Maybe that's just TOO MUCH space. Or maybe people just really don't want to live in that state. Either way, lowering the price that much must really suck. Sorry Kelly, but....

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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