Kid Wins A YEAR OF FREE COLLEGE TUITION... Reacts In The Worst Way Possible

How would you react if you won a year of free tuition for college? Maybe not as crazy as if you won a free ride but still pretty pumped about it right? I'll tell you if I won any kinda free tuition I would have streaked through the quad naked like the legends of old. Well that is exactly what happened to this kid right here...


Some people are saying that his reaction is bland for one of two reasons:

1)He is just one of those weird people that has no idea how to react when anything crazy happens

2)His parents pay for his tuition

I don't know if it's either of these because if I hit a half court shot at any time I freak out even if there is no money on the line. It's bragging rights YOU DID THAT!! There is a possible third option where maybe he's just trying to play it cool in front of his friends and doesn't want to be a LOSER that shows any kind of emotion. We've all been there. But this is the kind of reaction you'd see from me if this happened....

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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