Instagram Model Is BANNED FOREVER After Exposing Herself At A Baseball Game


So in case you missed it because baseball is kinda boring (I'm petty none of my teams are left), there was some good old family fun at a World Series game recently. During the 7th inning of the Nationals vs the Astros, a few women "exposed" themselves on live TV. I'd love to express my support for the ladies and their fight but I'm not trying to get fired. If you really want to see the video it is very easy to find on Twitter just click on the tweet I attached to this blog. Oh and before you get all mad at me for talking about this, I'm not kidding...

I think it is extremely unfair that guys can go topless at any sporting event, in fact, a lot of the time it is encouraged when they get put up on the JUMBOTRON. I've seen actual bits where there is a flex cam during a stoppage and guys whip their shirts off people love it/hate it depending on what the dude looks like. I mean just look at this video...


SEE!!!! People going crazy. But if it was a girl they would probably ban her from every soccer stadium in the world. Crazy double standard. It's hot at these games ya know????!?!?!? #FREEJULIAAAAA

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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