Well, there you have it folks... I know this video has been out a minute and the Government confirmed that it was in fact a UFO... But now we have a dude with 20+ years in the Navy talking about it with Joe Rogan. I know there is the whole "well UFO means unidentified object and that can be anything" argument but WHAT THE HELL ELSE COULD IT BE??? Are we saying China or Russia are developing these space crafts because if they are we might as well surrender right now. If you had any doubts just watch the video. If you're not convinced well then, you can go about your merry way. But I, for one, Can't wait for the day these aliens present themselves. Although if the Aliens are reading this, can you please come on a weekday? I'd really like to leave work early. If you come on the weekend that's going to really suck since I might be catching up on some sleep. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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