Would you let your Ex Officiate Your Wedding?


Would you let your ex officiate your wedding? According to Anna Ferris, that's a yes!

Anna Faris is such a cool ex-wife ... she offered to officiate Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's wedding!!

Anna talked a little bit about her ex-hubby on her "Anna Faris is Unqualified" podcast Tuesday and revealed she and Chris were texting the morning after he asked Katherine to marry him (spoiler alert: she said yes!!!).

So in case you forgot, Anna Ferris and Chris Pratt (Yeah the guy who went from loser on Parks and Rec to big time Hollywood star) were married and had a kid together until they decided to get divorced. Well, Chris Pratt met a new woman, a Kennedy! Chris Pratt announced that they are engaged and of course, told his baby mama the news. Long story short, Anna Ferris congratulated them and even offered to officiate the wedding. Now that begs the question... Did she mean it or was she just trying to play off the situation that her former man is about to marry a super hot/rich KENNEDY!! Yeah it's interesting and led me to question... Would you have an ex marry you off?

My situation is a little different because I've never been married but I have had some relationships end amicably. But even so, there is NO WAY I'm allowing an ex to officiate my wedding. Are you kidding me??!?!? I gotta stand at the alter staring at my new wife thinking of all the good and bad times with my ex? HELL NO!! Way too awkward. The only way I let that happen is if I'm trying to get out of the marriage and I just need something to go wrong so I can slip out the back. Then I definitely have a few exes in mind who I'd like to officiate. 

So, would you let an ex officiate your wedding?

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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