People are PISSED at OJ Simpson's Halloween Costume

I Know he's about as relevant as a landline but still, this is unreal for a "celebrity"

O.J. Simpson dressed as a gynecologist named 'Dr Seymour Bush' for his Halloweenfestivities in Las Vegas this year.

The notorious felon was spotted partying at the Blue Martini Lounge on the Las Vegas Strip on Wednesday night.

The 71-year-old ex-con was dressed in a white doctor's coat and had a stethoscope draped around his neck.

His coat had the words 'Dr Seymour Bush, MD' and 'gynecologist' stitched into the fabric. 

As has become the norm for him, Simpson took a number of selfies with fans and partygoers at the cocktail bar who shared the images on social media.

In a video shot by an Instagram fan, the man filmed himself speaking to Simpson and saying: 'We've got O.J. here.'

Simpson pointed to his jacket and said: 'O.J.? I'm Seymour.'

When asked what kind of examinations he was giving, he said: 'I'm giving free exams. They're all free.'

The former NFL running back, who was released from prison just over a year ago after a nine-year sentence, told DailyMailTV earlier this month that he has no plans to leave Sin City.

Simpson is regularly spotted partying in Las Vegas with fans showing off their encounters with him on social media. 

'You know strangely enough, I found out I fell in love with Las Vegas,' Simpson said.

That is not a joke, in the year of #METOO and everything else going on in the entertainment industry, OJ Simpson decided to rock a Seymour Bush gyno costume. Don't believe it? See it for yourself!

Yup... It's real. Of course it is a joke and the people at the bar he was at seemed to love it. Can't say the same for the rest of the internet. I could have posted a whole bunch of tweets but they were a little... Well... Just read the comments instead here....

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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