Brutal Video of Woman Getting Punched on the Beach


So this is the video that most people have been talking about post Memorial Day. A woman got absolutely pummeled by 2 police officers at the beach. I'm sure you've seen it before because it is literally everywhere. Allegedly, the woman spit at the police to provoke them. I personally don't believe someone who is unarmed should be hit like that but I'm also not a cop and I wasn't there to see the whole thing. That's not the part of the video I want to focus on anyway... 

WHAT WAS THE DUDE WITH THE BABY DOING???? Like I get his first instinct is to help the woman getting hit but dude, you almost lost that baby to the fight. I keep watching over and over... Like he legiot almost drops his baby to get in the fight.. Crazy stuff. Hope you had a safe MDW!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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