Mom Pulls the "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" Card on Cops


I mean WOW! Just wow. If I'm those kids I don't think I can ever leave the house again. I feel like if you ever have to say "Do you know who I am" then chances are things arten't going to end well for you. Hoenstly, if the person doesn't recognize you right away then it's just not worth it as this woman found out. She works for... Well actually she WORKED for Port Authority. Yeah she resigned because this case was being looked into by the higher ups for misuse of a position. But basically her daughter was riding in a car that wasn't registered which the cops were having towed. I know, total buzz kills but they were just doing their jobs. And then mom swoops into for the rescue.. or so she thought. YIKES!!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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