People are Pissed at Netflix for Calling Out Users

Netflix has been compared to Big Brother after posting a 'creepy' tweet in which it shared very detailed information about customers' viewing habits - while using it to rather cruelly poke fun at people for watching a Christmas movie. 

After publishing its year-end report, in which it celebrated its most successful day as a result of the popularity of Stranger Things, the streaming service has been posting certain pieces of very specific information on its social media account, with one tweet in particular sparking a flurry of concerned, and angry, replies. 

'To the 53 people who've watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?' the tweet read, referring to Netflix's original festive movie which was released on the site just a few weeks ago.

And while some were quick to see the attempted humor within the post, happily replying with their own embarrassing viewing habits, others blasted the much 'creepier' aspect, calling out the fact that the site is not only monitoring its viewers incredibly closely, but that it is also using this data to troll its customers. 

'Hot Take: Netflix tweeting this is f*****g creepy,' journalist Hugo Rifkind shared. 

Christian Christiensen then chimed in: 'Good to know @netflix staff are sitting around their offices looking at private user data, laughing about it, then sending out a tweet to millions.

'Creepy and a complete violation.'

'So unknown creepy Netflix staff have access to your viewing data, use it to creep on you, laugh at you, maybe publicly,' Ben Goldacre shared on his Twitter account.

'I guess it's like video store staff, except a massive database means it's easier for creepy Netflix staff to find and creep on individual people they know.' 

'I liked this tweet because it's good to be reminded that huge unaccountable companies use our personal data to dunk on us both literally and figuratively,' wrote another Twitter user.

I honestly don't know how to feel about this. On the one hand it is hilarious that someone is watching the Bee Movie everyday and all that, but just imagine if they can see that, what else can they see? I wouldn't really care if Netflix released my viewing data because it would literally just be "Friends" and " The Office" (RIP). Oh and probably "Love Actually" a million times but whatever that's a classic. But this just gets me thinking about the people who can see my browsing history. If that were to ever get out I'd have to change my name and disappear and just become a new person. Be careful what you do on the web kids, big brother is always watching!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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