Guy Pops a Pimple and Gets MASSIVE Infection!


This picture will make you think twice before using strange tools to squeeze the pus out of nasty zits.

A construction worker caught a horrific fungal infection after strangely deciding to drain a pimple on his lower lip with his woodworking blade.

Resembling that of a third lip, the unsightly mass had been growing for nearly seven months before the unnamed man sought help from doctors.

The 23-year-old, believed to be from Chicago, was cured of the blood-encrusted lesion two weeks after undergoing treatment.

Hold on one second while I.... ** Projectile Vomits** That is one gnarly looking infection. I mean I've used every trick in the book to pop a pimple. I can say I never resorted to construction equipment. But that's also because I'm not very handy so I just didn't have it around. I guess All I'm trying to say is use your hands to pop a pimple otherwise you'll end up looking like this...

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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